… the long pause…

Dear All,

as you may have noticed, I have been away for quite long. I am not going to bother you with that matter, but I would like to share with you that I will be back on track and I will do all my best to keep you posted on the things I am doing.

1) A close friend of mine, who is very talented and promising designer, was so kind to create for me stunning logo and cover-picture for …..
2) … the new Facebook page of stonewoodgrass, named 28rabbits !

You can find some of his works at http://www.piororist.com/

You can find all of the 28 rabbits here: https://www.facebook.com/28rabbits/

I will be very happy to meet you all there!

That does not mean that I will stop blogging. I will keep this blog as a place where you can spend more than one click time ; )

See you!

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… Winter… and other seasons …

Winter… what a lovely season! There’s snow everywhere (or at least there’s supposed to be snow everywhere…). There’s the smell of a cup of Glühwein and wood… I love the Winter so much!!! So after almost an year-long non-blogging and non-crafting break (for a variety of reasons), I decided to treat myself with a pair of earrings, resembling my winter joy. The colours I chose were the colours of wood, snow, wine and frost : ) As soon as I took the pictures of the finished earrings (which are very simple), I wanted to  make some more… Winter was not enough anymore, so I tried to make “Four seasons” small collection. Started backwards with the Autumn colours of autumn fruits, berries, and nuts, and continued with the Summer starry night and the colours of sand and sea. Last, but not least, came the Spring with its tender and sweet blossom colours…

Next post: Glühwein and how it’s made : )

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Gradation to Contentment

A few months ago, when the Autumn was sunny and warm and the Winter and Christmas were still far, far away in the future I found myself looking for a nice bag. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that satisfied my requirements. So, again, I decided to make something quick and nice, that would make my days better and filled with smiles. And what could possibly be more warm, funny and happy at the same time than a well fed and pleased cat. That is why I decided to show not just the Cat, but also the process of becoming more and more happy.
The execution of the bag is very simple and easy. All you need is a zipped, felt, threads in matching colors, pins and a little piece of tracing paper.
Make sure what size do you want to be your bag. The easiest way is to take a folder you want to fit in and just measure it : ) Since I don’t have a sewing machine in my dormitory, I had to stitch it by hand… and honestly it took me a certain amount of time, but in the end it was totally worth it : )
Enjoy : )

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White Christmas…

Christmas is almost here… I wanted it to be white, with piles of snow and dancing snow-flakes, but… as it seems, it’s going to be sunny, cold and windy! : )
I decorating for Christmas… I love the Christmas trees and the festive atmosphere.. So, I decided not to buy a plastic tree, but to build my own tree. It’s very simple, easy to execute and fun to do it. You can also experiment with the shape and the number of elements and the decoration : )

PS: I still have hope that it will snow… ; )

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