Once upon a time, there were… beer bugs : )

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always believed that the fairy tales must have been real somewhere, in alternative space-time continuum : ) I’ve always tried to explain the facts that puzzled me in a fancy way, trying not to make up but to explore and find strange creatures in the endless fields of the imagination.
I first tasted beer at the age of three. Honestly, I hated it! But I loved to sit and watch my granddad pouring it in his glass. I was fascinated by the beer bubbles and I’ve been trying “to solve this mystery” my whole life. Surprisingly, I’ve succeeded and here I present my new revelation – The Beer Bugs. This one looks a little bit tired but just look how many bubbles it has created – all on its’ own! Maybe one day I’ll manage to discover all the different types of B-Bugs in the different types of beer…. after tasting them all!!!! : P

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