We all live in at least 4D world : 3 linear dimensions + time. And we’re familiar with the following two definitions:
– over, above, beyond;
– excessive;
– existing in more than three dimensions.
hypo (or hyp)
– below, beneath, under.

Chapter One:
One of the greatest human mistakes is spelling the word “hippopotamus” . I know that’s not correct. It has to be spelled “hypopotamus”. Having in mind the previous definitions I’ll tell you another tale.

The Potams are sweet creatures, who lurk from a world to world, switching universes and dimensions. They’re always nearby trying to help us, to protect us and to make us smile when we are sad and depressed.  In each world they take different shape and here, in our little lonely 4D world we call the Hypopotamus. I believe there are other worlds in which they’re called Hyperpotamus.

Chapter Two:
The Potams travel by going through the lilac petals, so they have the chance to switch worlds only in the spring. This little fellow here is a Dreamcatcher – trying to catch a dream, a wish and help you achieve it. While waiting it sings softly, making strange snuffling noises, flinching with ears : ) Have you ever seen your Dreamcatcher?


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7 Responses to Dreamcatcher

  1. emma says:

    Adorable! Love the photos!

  2. cleo says:

    beautiful .. just gorgeous

  3. This post made me smile… you have made my life a little better. Thank you.

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