wire seaweeds

I wanted to go to the seaside so badly that in the end sea was all I was thinking of. Unfortunately I was stuck at the office with piles of urgent errands. So I made these “seadweeds” to calm down and to bring the sea-spirit with me. And so, a week later, I was sitting at the beach, happily splashing my feet in the water, staring at the horizon and feeling full of joy!

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7 Responses to wire seaweeds

  1. Anna says:

    Fresh and pretty. You should take pics of them on a model too, for a better idea. )

  2. : ) That’s a very good idea. I certainly will!

  3. Heart Shaped Box says:

    I love it! :)))))))

  4. Lori Ann says:

    So fun! I Love those oceany colors – soooo much of my bead stash is in blue and green hues! Have you ever tried freeform Peyote stitch? it’s amazing what you can make, the the embellishment is TOO fun! loriann

    • Hi, I tried few time the Peyote stitch but, frankly, it’s not my strongest side. Although I keep trying : ) Just yesterday I was obsessed with the idea to make a Moebius strip out of beads and now I’m waiting for some free time. Thank you, Lori Ann, for you kind words and interest ! Have a great day!

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