Copper leaves

There are several thing I love about the Autumn:
1) The air – the smell of the fallen leaves with a tint of fog, the tinge of the upcoming winter and the baked chestnuts : )
2) The colors – all the flamy nuances of red, orange, yellow, brown and the last sparkling green dots.
3) The food – is there a need to point out? Of course there is! :) Chestnut, pumpkins, pears, winter apples, Jujube Berries and sooo many more : ) It’s a time for calm and quite afternoons and a cup of tea and a full spoon with honey.
The tree in front of my window is still a bit greenish and I’m so impatient about all the lovely colors it’s going to burst in, so I decided to comfort myself with a few leaves that will hang over my desk and will make me happy.

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One Response to Copper leaves

  1. Anna says:

    copper with red pepper )

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