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The day I started to like “pink”…

As I woke up in the morning the first thing I spotted was that another flower has blossomed. I smiled at it and start dressing for work. In the afternoon when I got back home and sneaked into my room … Continue reading

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Dancing Winter Leaves

Today I was walking back home from a Sunday training. There was a chilly wind and few snowflakes trying to decide whether it is suitable for a decent snow-time or not. It was marvelous but there was something strange although … Continue reading

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Warm scarf and charming acorns

Well there are a few things you can think of when you are going back from work with a runny nose and one of them is a warm scarf. As a little girl I hated all the scarves, but now … Continue reading

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Tangerine Garden

As I sat down for the five o’clock tea with my family on the first day of the New Year (Happy new year, by the way : ) ! ) a tiny idea came to life. The snow was quietly … Continue reading

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