Warm scarf and charming acorns

Well there are a few things you can think of when you are going back from work with a runny nose and one of them is a warm scarf. As a little girl I hated all the scarves, but now I’m one keen scarf-lover : ) So, when I’m almost done with one of my handmade scarves I start to think about the details – how exactly would I wear it. Maybe a beautiful knot will do the work? No, it’s too fluffy for a knot… And suddenly my love for acorns came into my mind ( I dreamed about acorns all night long!!! – different types, shapes, colors, even golden acorns!). I had those sweet wooden earrings I created a while ago – https://stonewoodgrass.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/oak-acorns/. So there it was – I needed a brooch – a simple detail to complete the outfit.

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3 Responses to Warm scarf and charming acorns

  1. Lori Ann says:

    Hi there :) I share your love of acorns! I am new to rubber stamping, and have read that some inks work on wood. May I ask if that’s what you did here – stamped it? or did you do something else? What kind of ink did you use??

    I found your site from Craft Gossip and sigh – now anothre blog I have to follow. LOL! Is it possible to be a professional blog reader?? SIgn me up!

    Best wishes for a bountiful new year. :) LoriAnn

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful words! :) About the acorns – it’s not an ink. The picture is burnt in the wood by the principle of pyrography : ) Have a happy and enjoyable weekend ; )

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