Blankets ;)

And.. here it is! The new winter is coming with so much ice and snow!!! Although it’s very cold and even my thoughts freeze when I’m walking down the streets, I’m so happy for every snow-flake and icicle and the splendid winter mood. Yes, I know that the town is not the best place to be right now because of all the slush and the frozen mud, but for now there’s nothing I can do about it.
The mornings are getting colder and colder and if I had cat in my accommodation it would most certainly spend the whole day in my bed, purring softly under a blanket. I love blankets – winter blankets and summer blankets, thick and thin, fluffy and non-fluffy, cotton and woolen, with snowflakes and without snowflakes. It was the fact that I’m so fond of any types of blankets I decided to make a “blanket” for my phone. And another one for the phone of one of my friends and colleagues. Do you like the “architectural blankets”? ; )

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