Woolen Surprise

A week or two ago I was sick – awful cough, runny nose and so on. So I spend the time in my home-town. My Mom has brought home lovely colored woolen clew. And I immediately decided to try to make something easy, nice and funny – a woolen surprise. It’s just like the ordinary woolen beads, but the tricky part is this: when you have to cut them open, if they’re not hard enough they’ll fall apart. So, in order to have nice, tight beads, which are suitable for cutting, you have to put them in wool stiffener. Unfortunately I don’t think such thing is available in my country, so I just put them in a cup and poured boiling water : ) It worked! Then I left them to dry for a couple of days. I was so impatient, and a little bit worried if they’re going to be as nice as I’d like, but in the end the surprise was really wonderful!

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2 Responses to Woolen Surprise

  1. Anna says:

    pretty )

  2. Ty says:

    Really cool I did a tutorial when I was stupid and didn’t know what lighting was. This is way better/cooler… Neato though!!!

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