I’m “bugged”!

I don’t know what’s the matter with the weather. It’s nearly the end of May and the temperatures last week were like 7 degrees Celsius! I miss the buzzing of the bees, the sweet aroma of the tree blossom, the soft songs of the blackbirds, making nests in the cherry tree.
Meanwhile I’m so busy at work and at home. My mind is full of thought on Relativity theory, fish, archaeology, modern architecture, sculpture, laundry, etc. All I wanted was to sit down for a few seconds and try to put in order the mess in my head. Filled with passion for drawing, I took a sheet of paper and pencil. After spending about half an hour in search for my gouache I decided I was totally “bugged” and.. suddenly I knew what was wrong, what I’ve missed most for a few years! My favorite green cockchafers!!! I haven’t seen any of them for a long time and instead of feeling sad about it I decided to make one. It’s not as pretty as the real ones but I know it will be a good friend and a great company to listen to the rain with!

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