Radishes and Carrots

To be honest, I’ve never liked cross-stitching very much. I get easily bored and filling the background after the picture is ready is a real nightmare for me. But I managed to find a canvas with wonderful texture to avoid “the horrible filling” and to accentuate the cosy hand-made look of the patterns.
But, as always, another problem emerged, and it is called Frames!
Every pattern I create is different and because of that, I needed to spend a great deal of time searching for a suitable frame (and because of my busy schedule – it was almost impossible!).   I’ve given it a long and serious thought (I’m kidding ; ) ) and came up with these very easy wooden frames which I hope you’ll like ; )

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2 Responses to Radishes and Carrots

  1. Julia says:

    wow, u’r so creative! :D
    i love the frame <3

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