“Living” vs “Fun”

Well, I’ve never shared who I really am, what I do for living, what kind of music I like, what I enjoy doing and so on. So, today’s the day I share a little piece of “top secret information” with you : )
By now you already know what I do for fun : ) Anyway… I like drawing, reading, stitching, sewing, felting, making toys, making toys’ furniture, beading, making jewelries, and so on ( as well as skiing, skating, swimming, etc… ).
But what I do for living? Can you guess from the sketch below? It is a self-portrait I made a long time ago. The scanned image is not that good but I think the main features are still there.

So, any suggestions? ; )

PS: I’m thinking actually starting another section in my blog… “The Friday Section”. What’s going to be in there – please, visit me next Friday and you’ll find out! Happy weekend to all of you!

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One Response to “Living” vs “Fun”

  1. veneras says:

    Аз искам да видя музикалната листа по възможност :)

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