Bed Bunny

Once upon a time there were four little rabbits…

Well, there is One Little Rabbit here with chocolate fur and olive-green eyes. One evening it knocked on my window, wearing nothing else but a blue scarf, searching for a home. After a cup of cold milk with cocoa we decided that it will move in and thus it will need its own bed…

The summer days are long and hot, the work is never over, the projects never end and at the end of the day I need to create something. I need to make something that is worth all the efforts. I like to “give life” to new little friends with their own stories and their own little worlds. I have to go now. The Rabbit needs some shirts and pants. And a bowl of carrot salad, of course : )

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2 Responses to Bed Bunny

  1. Julia says:

    Oh my gosh!! Too cutee!! <3

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