Beads and Pins

Good morning!
After a big cup of coffee and two cookies I decided to take some photos of another 15-minute-craft project. It is very simple, very nice and you can use it any way you like it. What is it? It’s a beaded pin! You can use is as a brooch, as a bag decoration, as a necklace pendant, etc…
To be honest, I wear it as a decoration for the handle of my favorite green purse. I like the contrast of the white-blue beads and the green handle with the red beads and the way they stand out on a black canvas (I wear mostly black clothes.. it’s kind of “my thing” : ) ).

I would be very happy if you make you own Beaded Pins and share them with me. Maybe we could make together a “Pin Calendar”? Should I start a contest for Beaded Pins photos for each month? What do you think?

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend! : )

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