Autumn’s on the way

Last week I took a walk in the park and I realized that Autumn’s on its way. The leaves were starting to burst in flames, the oaks were full of acorns… You all know how much I like acorns, so I decided to share with you another of my acorn-projects. I hope you’ll like it. It’s very simple and easy to execute. Have fun! : )

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15 Responses to Autumn’s on the way

  1. Mary Anne Komar says:

    very sweet and dainty, fancy faerie caps!

  2. Ivalex says:

    Прекрасни украшения… Много ми харесват, и вашия блог е чудесен. Поздрави от мен, и България.

    • Благодаря!!! И Вашият е чудесен! : ) Ще се радвам да поддържаме контакт! Всичко най-хубаво и щастлив остатък от лятото Ви желая!

      • Ivalex says:

        Разбира се за мен е голямо удоволствие да Ви бъда на гости. Дори не предполагах че живеете в България. Поздрави от мен.

  3. Ann says:

    Aw, these are just adorable, thanks for sharing! Still in full-on summer mode here in the U.S… where are you that the leaves are already changing color?

    • Hey! Thanks a lot! My next post will be on summer-stuff. But here, in Bulgaria, some of the trees are starting to turn into gold.. : ) Have a nice week and may all the smiles be with you! ; )

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