The Copper Rabbit

Once upon a time (… just in the middle of November… ) there was a little girl who loved to play with the golden autumn leaves. She was wandering down the street, trying to decide whether she would like to go to the market and buy some pumpkin, or to go to the library to get a book with fairy tales.
As she was waiting at the traffic light, she spotted something small and shiny rushing towards one leaf. Slowly and quietly, she made a few steps towards it. She knelt and carefully picked up the leaf…. A tiny copper rabbit was hiding beneath it. It looked up and smiled shyly. “Good afternoon, my dear Lady!”, it greeted waving with its paw, “Wonderful day it is, isn’t it?”. “Good afternoon, Mr. Rabbit! Wonderful afternoon, indeed…” answered the girl. They started talking about the weather, the autumn, about pumpkins and chestnuts, about tea with milk and oat biscuits. They decided to take a walk and to go the market together in order to choose the sweetest pumpkin.
They spend the whole afternoon together chatting and laughing. “Where are you going to stay for the night?”, asked the little girl. “Hm….”, hummed the copper rabbit, trying to hide the sudden blush, “Actually… I was… well… I am just…” it started to mumble, blushing even more. “Please, do stay with me!!!” said the girl…

This is the story of how my new friend. Mr. Copperfur (he told me his name later) came here. We are planning to spend a nice sunny autumn together, to make a list for Christmas presents and decorations and to have tea every Saturday afternoon…

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2 Responses to The Copper Rabbit

  1. L says:

    Страхотна есенна история, Зайчица!
    Пишеш невероятно!

  2. L says:

    а господин Заекът е разкошен!

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