Gradation to Contentment

A few months ago, when the Autumn was sunny and warm and the Winter and Christmas were still far, far away in the future I found myself looking for a nice bag. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that satisfied my requirements. So, again, I decided to make something quick and nice, that would make my days better and filled with smiles. And what could possibly be more warm, funny and happy at the same time than a well fed and pleased cat. That is why I decided to show not just the Cat, but also the process of becoming more and more happy.
The execution of the bag is very simple and easy. All you need is a zipped, felt, threads in matching colors, pins and a little piece of tracing paper.
Make sure what size do you want to be your bag. The easiest way is to take a folder you want to fit in and just measure it : ) Since I don’t have a sewing machine in my dormitory, I had to stitch it by hand… and honestly it took me a certain amount of time, but in the end it was totally worth it : )
Enjoy : )

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One Response to Gradation to Contentment

  1. Julia says:

    love the color combination! xD

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