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Gradation to Contentment

A few months ago, when the Autumn was sunny and warm and the Winter and Christmas were still far, far away in the future I found myself looking for a nice bag. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that satisfied my … Continue reading

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It’s almost the end of November… I’m sitting at home, enjoying the warmth of the cup of coffee with milk and the sweetness of the chocolate chip cookies. I’m trying to figure out what Christmas/New Year presents to prepare and … Continue reading

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Bed Bunny

Once upon a time there were four little rabbits… Well, there is One Little Rabbit here with chocolate fur and olive-green eyes. One evening it knocked on my window, wearing nothing else but a blue scarf, searching for a home. … Continue reading

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Sand and Reed

Summertime…. unfortunately far away from the seaside. One of my favorite sea views is the sand dunes and the reed gently swaying in the breeze… and the sound of the waves… The calmness of the empty beach early in the … Continue reading

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