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The Copper Rabbit

Once upon a time (… just in the middle of November… ) there was a little girl who loved to play with the golden autumn leaves. She was wandering down the street, trying to decide whether she would like to … Continue reading

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I’m “bugged”!

I don’t know what’s the matter with the weather. It’s nearly the end of May and the temperatures last week were like 7 degrees Celsius! I miss the buzzing of the bees, the sweet aroma of the tree blossom, the … Continue reading

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Yes, I haven’t posted anything in a while… almost a month… I have been working on several projects and now (finally!!!) I present my latest miniature smile – tiny cross-stitch carrots in a wooden frame. I created the carrots the … Continue reading

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Poly-holiday!!! And a Present for Dad : )

It’s one of those days when everybody are excited about some kind of holiday. And I’m one of the most excited but not for the same reason. And I’ll tell you why – because it’s not double, nor triple holiday! … Continue reading

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