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Autumn’s on the way

Last week I took a walk in the park and I realized that Autumn’s on its way. The leaves were starting to burst in flames, the oaks were full of acorns… You all know how much I like acorns, so … Continue reading

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Bed Bunny

Once upon a time there were four little rabbits… Well, there is One Little Rabbit here with chocolate fur and olive-green eyes. One evening it knocked on my window, wearing nothing else but a blue scarf, searching for a home. … Continue reading

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Radishes and Carrots

To be honest, I’ve never liked cross-stitching very much. I get easily bored and filling the background after the picture is ready is a real nightmare for me. But I managed to find a canvas with wonderful texture to avoid … Continue reading

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Yes, I haven’t posted anything in a while… almost a month… I have been working on several projects and now (finally!!!) I present my latest miniature smile – tiny cross-stitch carrots in a wooden frame. I created the carrots the … Continue reading

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